Prevention of the risks of marine submersion

WAVE BUMPER is a global solution integrating risk prevention and coastal protection.


A submersion alert app

to prevent risks of submersion and to model them locally


Reusable removable dikes

that resist the destructive impacts of waves and shorelines

Our mission: to prevent and protect the coast from submersion risk

An innovative concept against submersion risk
A unique system combining prevention and protection
A light and easy solution to implement
A French start-up
A patented concept
The answer to a planetary problem

Anticipation of submersion risk

WAVE BUMPER consolidates a global history of submersion hazards thanks to satellite data acquired in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). And thus improves the performance of submersion alerts, defense protocols and removable dikes.

Patented system, 100% Made in France

WAVE BUMPER is an innovative and original solution, 100% imagined, designed, developed and manufactured in France. The quality of the composite materials selected gives our removable dikes a high level of resistance supporting the destructive impact of submersion waves.

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The fundamentals of our coastal protection

Respect for the ecology of sites exposed to submersion risk

WAVE BUMPER is the first removable protective dyke, quickly deployable. It respects the ecology of the exposed sites, and avoids the withdrawal of the sand on the coastline, first rampart of the exposed zones.

WAVE BUMPER has sized a bag specifically for this application, cushioning the waves. BIGBUMP is reusable and recyclable.

Modalities of implementation of the removable dikes against marine submersion

The WAVE BUMPER system is quickly deployable on site. The BUMPBLADE can be placed manually while the BIGBUMP are filled with sand on site, for example a hoist equipped with a hopper. Other handling solutions exist. For more information, contact us.

BIGBUMP are designed to withstand handling maneuvers unlike traditional rubbish bags. They thus make it possible to significantly reduce the implementation time.

Marine submersion risk prevention plans (PPRSM) and Coastal Risk Prevention Plan (PPRL)

WAVE BUMPER is aimed at coastal communities, professionals (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.) and individuals.

Local authorities can thus integrate our solution in their Marine submersion risk prevention plans (PPRSM) and Coastal Risk Prevention Plans (PPRL), to protect their infrastructures and their citizens.And every professional or individual directly exposed to submersion waves and storms also has the ability to guard themselves individually.




contact at wave-bumper.fr

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