WAVE BUMPER is also an application

of marine submersion alerts

The WAVE BUMPER marine submersion alert application informs areas exposed to the risk of submersion in real time. In the event of an alert, WAVE BUMPER sets up a defence protocol and designs a suitable protection device with local precision.


Analyze, Alert and Prepare

Using satellite data provided by the European Space Agency, WAVE BUMPER has developed digital tools essential to its coastal risk prevention system.

The smartphone application developed by WAVE BUMPER, integrates complete coastal weather and marine weather. All atmospheric, swell and tide parameters can trigger marine submersion alerts.

The application of marine submersion alerts will soon be online.

Constitute and exploit a history of “marine submersion” hazards on a global scale

WAVE BUMPER studies for each of the sites exposed to equip, the history of flood hazards. It is thus possible to customize the defense protocol. That is, the positioning and dimensioning of removable sea wall.

WAVE BUMPER protection protocol editing software is being developed with the European Space Agency. In anticipation, it crosses hydrodynamic data as well as geomorphological factors of the zones under surveillance. It thus offers a targeted prevention solution that optimizes the positioning of WAVE BUMPER defense modules on site according to the parameters of each storm.