BIGBUMP® Classic

For a first level of defense, it is necessary to count 50€ a linear meter for this BIGBUMP® Classic. This ballast bag is reusable. Made of polypropylene, it is also recyclable.



It is a sand weighted bag, specifically developed for coastal protection. These cumulative weights create the resistance of the dike in the event of flooding hazards.

BIGBUMP® can also be used to ballast the BUMPBLADES®, or can be used as reinforcement for existing cofferdams.

The BIGBUMP® can be filled with sand on site with a hopper hopper. And can be set up in the space of a tide.

Additional information

Technical data and properties

– Double fabric thickness for increased resistance
– Easey storage (foldable elements)
– Closing hood with geometrical support
– Customization possible (slogan + logo)
– 4 lifting straps integrated into the bag structure
– Design ensuring good urban integration