BUMPBLADE’s patented technology returns wave energy and generates a return to the ocean motion. The BUMPBLADE is a removable composite anti-submersion dike that can be quickly deployed. Removable, light and reusable, it respects the ecology of the site.



It is a composite piece, lightweight and easy to handle. Its patented curve, allows to deflect part of the wave energy upwards and to create an acceleration of the slick of retreat which will collide with the following waves. BUMPBLADE thus reduces the impact of waves on the frame.

Combined with sand-weighed bags (BIGBUMP® Classic or BIGBUMP® Drainable), it forms a removable dike to protect the urban coastline from flooding waves.

It is on sale at 850€.

Additional information

Technical data and properties

Reinforced composite structure
– Resistance to impacts of floating waste
– Protection of the BIG BUMPS (bags)
– Assembly of BLADEs between them possible
– Easy storage (flush-mounted elements)
– Customization possible (Teaser + logo)